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Dear Fear, “I had to let you go.”  Even though my heart and head often told me I could accomplish my dreams, I gave you the final say. Even in the smallest consideration you seemed to know me better than I knew myself. I trusted that you knew the outcome even though I had yet to test and develop my own grit. And even when I mustered up enough courage to pursue an idea, I chose to bring you along for the ride and doubt myself every step of the way. Despite getting to a certain point in life you still prevented me from seeing the tools I had already gained from my experiences. You convinced me that I would fail and prevented me from seeing that failure equaled growth and would teach me my most powerful life lessons. You convinced me that I could only take the first step as long as I had a complete map of where I was going. You ruled my life. I stood by waiting for permission to explore the deepest parts of me; to run after all of my ambitions; and to understand the world from