Investing in the success of your employees comes in many forms and can have varying impact. I believe there are 5 key ways to ensure your team is on the path to success that can’t be missed. Take a look, comment, and let me know if you have any additional ways in which you ensure your team is successful as a leader in your industry.

1. Education and Certifications

One of the key ways to build more confidence on the job is to gain relevant knowledge that will make you more effective and proficient at your craft. Providing a self-paced platform that your employees can access in their spare time is crucial to them learning more about their job and industry as a whole. This platform could come in the form of a company provided online university or sponsored education. Both of these are a great way for your employees to gain certifications in their industry. Another great vehicle for this is allowing your employees to attend professional development conferences. These conferences may offer little in terms of industry product knowledge but ensuring your people understand their value both personally and professionally sets them up for success as a whole.

2. One on Ones With Top Leadership

Top executives tend to delegate the development of their employees to the hiring managers and very rarely does the open door policy apply to the C-suite, but I think it should. Your employees should feel that they can communicate their wins and loses, concerns, and desires to grow without political restrictions. One on ones with top leadership are a fantastic way to ensure this happens. I have also found that having one on ones with employees is a great way for leadership to get a pulse check on company culture, customer experience, and employee morale first hand.

3. Use Effective Communication Tools

Communication is an intricate part to success. Tools that increase the speed and ease in which your employees can communicate both internally and externally are critical to the success of operations and to your employees. Below is a list of communication centric tools that can be leveraged in the workplace. Some you may be familiar with and some may be worth checking out.
  • Zoom
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Workplace by FaceBook
  • Monday.com
  • HipChat
  • Hangouts
  • Flock
  • Chanty

4. Interactive Forum

Whether through a collaboration tool or through an online discussion board, it is important for companies to provide their employees with an interactive forum. In doing so, the company can ensure all employees have access and can share  best practices, company policies, global updates, and leverage employee resources real time. Additionally, interactive forums can be a powerful tool for distributed workforces or for employees that work in different timezones. These forums can be developed in-house or can be purchased and integrated with your existing applications.

5. Pay Them More

That’s right, I say pay them more. You never want to lose great talent because you underpaid or simply paid what everyone else is willing to pay. The easiest way to ensure your employees stay and work without financial distraction is to pay them more than your competitors will. This could be through the form of salary, bonus, or something out of the box. In 2015 HilCorp Energy announced that it was giving its almost 1400 employees at the time a $100,000 bonus. In previous years the company offered its employees a $50K car or the option of $35K in cash. Understanding that every company can’t afford to dish out this amount of cash to its employees, it’s important to make sure your employees feel that they are adequately paid, appreciated, and incentivized to perform at work.

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