"You Don't Know What You Don't Know" - Developing Frameworks

Frameworks and a Successful Product Launch

The importance of developing a framework around a new product is critical to the success of that offering and further provides a standardized guideline for your team to reference as the product is integrated into a portfolio of offerings. Stay with me as I share with you the importance of framing your products and the efficiency it creates once implemented.

The Framework...What is it?

Conceptually, a framework is the skeletal structure or guideline that frames your product or service. It can define the product itself, set performance metrics, and even establish grading systems when seeking to set minimum standards around eligibility or approvals. No one framework is the same, and based on your vertical the framework could fit on one page or could be several pages long. The key to a good framework is to ensure that it outlines and defines the product at a high enough level establishing company wide standards for the product and a path forward for launch.

Why is framing a product important?

For starters, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” I find taking a step back and actually framing how I want the product to perform equally reveals how I do not want the product to perform. It becomes an exercise that produces multiple benefits. I list some below:
  • Defined Functionality,
  • Identified Gaps,
  • Solution Development ,
  • Implementation Requirements,
  • Revenue Impact, &
  • Defined Standards.
Once your framework is in place, your team can now begin the process of developing the product to those standards with efficiency.

Efficiency Matters  

With a guide to reference in hand, your team is now equipped to execute without distraction. Your team knows exactly how you want the product to function and how it should be implemented. If the unexpected occurs, there are minimum standards already established that any solution must meet. The team can work to execute instead of reinventing the wheel and at all times your team is clear on the path forward. This type of clarity increases efficiency and drives results for a successful product launch.

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