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How Healthy Is Your Base?

First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to click on our blog. This entry is written specifically for those that are evaluating the health of their customer base and possibly asking one or all of the following questions: “Why are my customers disengaged? Why are they disloyal? Why do they not come back for more?”  If that’s you, keep reading as I take you on a journey of human connection beyond the customer experience.

When you were a little child, do you remember the first time you told your parents or those you looked up to what you would be when you grew up? Remember how happy you were to express what you were feeling and do you remember how fearless you were to share it? I do. I remember as a little girl envisioning that one day I’d be in front of a crowd, and I’d be speaking to that crowd about something I was passionate about. At six years of age, I had no idea what motivational speaking or entrepreneurship were. I just knew that I wanted to give to others by taking the time to share and connect through conversation and innovation. I wanted to  make a difference. But as I got older and life continued to happen, the six year old in me seemed quite far away and what I told myself I wanted to be was not yet my reality.

But then I met a special person...

I met a person who dared to make a human connection with me. I met a person that decided they would build more value if they simply took the time to get to know me for who I really was. Such a selfless act and understanding that everyone has more to them beyond the surface. So, as this person invested time in learning more, I too took time to reevaluate myself, who I had become and who I still wanted to be. I realized the goals I had at six years old were actually still there and that through our connection I had become empowered. That person had become more than just a person I knew, but someone who earned my trust, earned my loyalty, and made me feel like I could achieve anything.

Fast forward to now, I would come to deliver my first keynote in front of hundreds of business owners that too had known from just a little child they wanted to accomplish something great. In 2018, I would come to co-found and sit as CEO of ConservGeo, the United States’ first for-profit environmentally focused company which specializes in project finance and project consulting on a global scale.

So, let me ask you. How many of your clients have you made human connections with? Yes, you’ve improved the customer experience. Yes, you have invested in more tools and automation, but are your customers engaged? Do they trust you? Are they loyal and are they achieving the results they hoped for? If the answer is no to any one of those questions you have not invested enough time into finding out what lies beyond the surface.

What I challenge you to see is that improving the customer experience isn’t enough. If you truly want to see more engagement, increased loyalty, trust, and customer results you must train your people to make human connections with every client.  The more connected your clients are the more value you will create: with studies showing that connected customers are two times more valuable than a customer who was simply satisfied with their experience. Customers want to not only have a great experience, they want to “feel” good about doing business with you. They want to be empowered, not just provided a service or product.  They want to trust that you have their best interest in mind throughout their entire life-cycle. They genuinely desire a connection that can remind them of who they are and who they can become. As you evaluate your base in 2019, dare to be that special company who goes a step beyond customer experience and embarks on a journey of human connection.
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