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Tax Equity - What Project Developers Need to Know in 2019

"A Complex Tax Environment"  Project “Sponsors” have long enjoyed stretching their upfront capital for renewable projects by partnering with tax equity investors, a small group of investors who were greatly motivated by the federal and state tax benefits they would receive. With the passing of recent legislation, that market of investors may be less motivated to dish out their cash as we enter into 2019. Here’s why... Prior to the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) signed into effect December 22nd of 2017, tax equity investors with high corporate liability found tax relief by lending to viable renewable projects in exchange for Production Tax Credits (PTCs) and depreciation bonuses. Production Tax Credits offered investors a dollar amount per MWh being generated by the project. These tax credits were then utilized by the equity investor to reduce their tax liability come tax time. This type of arrangement would typically last ten years allowing enough time

Beyond Customer Experience

How Healthy Is Your Base? First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to click on our blog . This entry is written specifically for those that are evaluating the health of their customer base and possibly asking one or all of the following questions: “Why are my customers disengaged? Why are they disloyal? Why do they not come back for more?”  If that’s you, keep reading as I take you on a journey of human connection beyond the customer experience. When you were a little child, do you remember the first time you told your parents or those you looked up to what you would be when you grew up? Remember how happy you were to express what you were feeling and do you remember how fearless you were to share it? I do. I remember as a little girl envisioning that one day I’d be in front of a crowd, and I’d be speaking to that crowd about something I was passionate about. At six years of age, I had no idea what motivational speaking or entrepreneurship were. I just knew that I wan