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A 360° Approach to business - what every entrepreneur should know in 2019

EMPOWERING THE ENTREPRENEUR IN 2019 We all know that starting a business is not as easy at it looks or sounds.There are multiple components to company formation that will make or break a business within years of it launching. Statistics show that over half of small businesses that launch today, fail often within their first few years of going live. However, this fail rate should not be demonstrative of why you shouldn’t go into business for yourself if you have a great idea. In fact, the picture this paints is much more pointed in that a successful business requires a 360° approach as you form your company and position it for success. This means experience is key, knowledge is power, and what you don’t know may kill your business before you even get started. Experience matters… Experience is important because you not only learn what to do, but most importantly what not to do. The latter becomes an impossible approach as you form your business model if you have never in